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Scentsy Miami CollectionThe Miami Collection:  Citrus, Orange and Key Lime


Despite being an American, I've never been to Florida or Miami.  I've always had my image of what it might be like from reruns of Miami Vice, young college students dancing poolside for spring break and pictures of Disneyworld I've seen.

I've always imagined it to have loads of palm trees, blue skies, white sandy beaches, jazz and a bit of salsa and of course the opportunity to sip endless pina coladas poolside.  I would love to go one day if anything for the warmth.  Living in London I've never managed to get used to the sheer lack of heat we get seasonally.  I've gotten used to having jumpers/sweaters nearby.  I would love to have a holiday where the smell of tanning oil and tropical fruit drifts through and I can sit on the beach under a big umbrella, read my book and fall asleep with the sounds of the waves.

Scentsy's Miami Collection is EXCLUSIVE to Europe.  You can't get these in North America.  They are mid-size warmers and named fantastically:  Citrus, Key Lime and Orange. 

Fancy a bit of the tropical to go with your new warmer?  How about Sunkissed Citrus, Havana Cabana, or Paradise Punch Scentsy Bars? 

Whatever you choose will be sure to bring a taste of Miami to your living room. x